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New York HBCUs: Are there any and what's their vibe?

So I'm from the Northeast and I'm curious about HBCUs in New York. Does anyone know if there are any located here and what the campus life is like? I'm trying to stay close to home but still want that HBCU experience.

7 months ago

Hey there! While there aren't any historically black colleges or universities (HBCUs) located within New York State, there are options nearby that can still give you that HBCU experience while staying relatively close to home. You might want to consider looking into institutions in nearby states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Some examples are Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Lincoln University (PA), Bowie State University (MD), and Howard University (D.C.).

As for the campus life at these schools, each HBCU will have its own unique vibe, so it's essential to visit and do thorough research on each school that interests you. Generally, though, HBCUs have a strong sense of community and pride in their African American history and culture.

You can expect to find a range of clubs, organizations, and events focused on the black experience. Close-knit connections among students, faculty, and alumni are also typically a hallmark of HBCUs. I recommend attending college fairs and reaching out to current students or alumni to learn more about the specific atmosphere of each school. Good luck in your search!

7 months ago

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