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Exploring HBCU bands and music programs

Does anyone have info on the best HBCU bands or music programs? I'm really passionate about music and would love to join a college band that's got a fantastic program.

7 months ago

Hello! It's exciting to hear about your passion for music and your interest in HBCU bands and programs. There are definitely some amazing options out there! Some HBCUs with a strong reputation for their marching bands include Florida A&M University (FAMU), Southern University, and Grambling State University. These bands are known for their impressive performances and halftime shows, as well as winning awards at events like the HBCU National Championship for marching bands.

When it comes to music programs, you might want to consider schools like Howard University, which has an excellent Department of Music offering a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in music. FAMU also has a strong music program outside of their marching band, with various ensembles and areas of study. Additionally, North Carolina Central University has a highly regarded Jazz Studies Program. Be sure to visit the websites of these HBCUs and reach out to their music departments for more information.

Best of luck in exploring your options, and I hope you find an HBCU with a music program that suits your passion and goals!

7 months ago

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