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How good is a 1490 SAT score for top colleges?

I recently got my SAT results back and scored a 1490. While I'm happy with my score, I'm wondering if this is considered competitive for top colleges. Can anyone share some advice on whether I should retake it or if this score can get me into some great schools?

7 months ago

Congratulations on your 1490 SAT score! That's an impressive achievement. A 1490 is generally considered a competitive score for top colleges. For most top 25 schools, a score of 1490 falls within the 25th-75th percentile range of admitted students, which means you're in a strong position academically. However, keep in mind that test scores are only one part of the application process, and admissions officers will also evaluate your extracurricular involvement, essays, and other factors.

While it's not necessary for you to retake the SAT, doing so could potentially help your application, especially if you're aiming for Ivy League or similarly selective institutions. If you think you have a realistic chance of improving your score, it might be worth considering retesting.

However, if retaking the exam would detract from other important aspects of your application (such as academics or extracurriculars), it may be better to focus your efforts elsewhere. Ultimately, it's a personal decision that depends on your individual goals and circumstances.

7 months ago

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