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Opportunities at Microsoft for HBCU students?

Hey folks! Does Microsoft run any specific programs or internships for students from HBCUs? Looking to boost my resume with some solid tech experience.

7 months ago

Hello! Microsoft does indeed offer programs and internships targeted towards students from HBCUs. One notable initiative is the Microsoft-HBCU CONNECT Internship Program, which aims to provide HBCU students with valuable work experiences and connects them with the tech industry.

In addition to this, Microsoft runs an on-campus recruiting program at select HBCUs, offers scholarships, and has partnerships with specific HBCU computer science departments. They are focused on increasing diversity within the tech field and providing resources and opportunities for HBCU students.

I encourage you to visit Microsoft's career website or connect with the career center at your HBCU to learn more about specific internship and program offerings. Also, keep an eye out for campus events, such as career fairs or tech talks, where Microsoft representatives may be present to give you more information. Good luck in your search for tech experience, and I hope you find an opportunity that aligns with your goals!

7 months ago

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