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Ranking of HBCU marching bands?

Hi folks! I'm super into music and I've heard HBCU marching bands are really good. Does anyone have a ranking or know which ones are considered the best?

7 months ago

Hey! HBCU marching bands are well known for their outstanding performances and unique styles. While there's no 'official' ranking, some bands are widely recognized as being top-notch. Here are a few HBCUs that frequently stand out for their marching bands:

1. Florida A&M University - Marching 100

2. Southern University - Human Jukebox

3. Jackson State University - Sonic Boom of the South

4. North Carolina A&T State University - Blue and Gold Marching Machine

5. Alabama State University - Mighty Marching Hornets

These are just a few of the many incredible HBCU marching bands out there! Remember that it can be subjective to rank marching bands as each may bring their own unique elements to the table.

It might be helpful to watch some performances on YouTube to get a feel for their styles and make a personal ranking based on your preferences. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy exploring the world of HBCU marching bands!

7 months ago

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