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How do HBCU campus sizes compare?

Quick question out of curiosity. Does the size of an HBCU's campus really make a difference in the college experience? Like, are the largest HBCUs by acres known for better facilities or more activities?

7 months ago

Hey! So, the size of an HBCU's campus can indeed affect the overall college experience. When you have a larger campus, it's likely that more facilities, resources, and activities will be available. But keep in mind that size doesn't always equal quality. Some small HBCUs might have excellent programs, tight-knit communities, and great faculty, even if their physical space is smaller.

Bigger HBCUs might have a wider range of sports, campus organizations, and amenities; however, you might feel a little less connected, as it could be harder to get to know everyone. Smaller HBCUs provide a more intimate environment and can foster closer relationships with professors and fellow students.

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you're looking for in your college experience. Do you want a wide variety of clubs, sports, and facilities? Or do you prefer a close-knit community with a more focused environment? Either way, there are HBCUs that cater to both preferences, so you've got options!

7 months ago

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