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What's a good approach when asking current HBCU students about their experience?

Super interested in some HBCUs and thinking of reaching out to current students. Kinda stressed about it though – what are some respectful and insightful questions I could ask to really learn about their day-to-day life and studies?

7 months ago

It's totally normal to feel a bit stressed when reaching out to current college students, but remember, many of them would be happy to help and share their experiences. When reaching out, it's important to be genuine, thoughtful, and respectful. Here are a couple of questions you could ask to learn more about their day-to-day life and studies at an HBCU:

1. Can you tell me about the campus culture and the social scene? How do students typically interact with one another?

2. What has been your favorite academic experience or class so far? Could you share why it made an impact on you?

3. How would you describe the relationship between professors and students? Do you find them accessible and supportive?

4. Could you talk about any extracurricular activities you're involved in and how they've enriched your academic experience?

5. Do you feel like there's enough academic support to help students excel and succeed in their studies?

6. What's your favorite campus tradition, and why do you enjoy it?

By asking these questions, you'll not only learn more about the students' experiences at HBCUs but also gain a sense of what aspects of these institutions resonate with you. Best of luck reaching out to students and learning more about the wonderful opportunities HBCUs have to offer!

7 months ago

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