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Is Spelman's ranking reflective of student experiences?

Looking at HBCUs, and Spelman has caught my eye with its ranking. Just wondering if any current students or alumni can chime in on whether the academic and social environment lives up to its reputation?

7 months ago

Hey! Although I don't attend Spelman, I have friends who do, and from what they've told me, their experiences at Spelman seem to match its high ranking. They've mentioned the strong sense of sisterhood, which builds an empowering atmosphere for women of color. The close-knit community is also appreciated, as students and faculty collaborate and support each other. The dedicated faculty is often cited as one of Spelman's strengths.

Academically, Spelman offers a range of programs and resources to ensure its students are successful. From what my friends tell me, there are opportunities to work closely with professors, engage in undergraduate research, and participate in internships or study abroad programs.

As for the social environment, there's a lot to do on and off-campus. Students often engage in clubs, community service, and cultural events. Spelman's location in Atlanta is a bonus, with easy access to exciting attractions, history, and internships in the city.

Keep in mind that everyone's experience will differ slightly, so if you can contact current students or the admissions office for more information it could give you a better sense of life at Spelman than general rankings. Good luck!

7 months ago

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