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HBCU Opportunities in Maryland

Hey folks, I'm specifically looking for HBCUs in Maryland as I have family there. Could someone help me with a list or point me toward resources to find out which HBCUs are based in Maryland?

7 months ago

Hey! It's wonderful that you're considering HBCUs in Maryland. There are currently four HBCUs in the state: Morgan State University (in Baltimore), Bowie State University (in Bowie), Coppin State University (also in Baltimore), and University of Maryland Eastern Shore (located in Princess Anne).

You can find more information about each college by visiting their respective websites or by using CollegeVine's College Finder tool, which can help you learn about each school's requirements, popular majors, campus life, and much more. HBCUs offer unique opportunities and resources, so taking the time to learn about each Maryland institution will give you a better idea of where you may want to apply. Good luck!

7 months ago

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