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Harvard Letter of Continued Interest: How to Stand Out?

Deferred gang here 🙋 Need to write a Harvard LOCI asap. What makes a LOCI pop? Do I just rehash my achievements or is there something more I should focus on to show them I'm a perfect fit?

7 months ago

Writing a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) after being deferred is an opportunity to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to Harvard, and illuminate any new achievements or developments since your initial application. However, you'll want to avoid simply rehashing the same details from your original submission. Your goals for a LOCI should include establishing your genuine enthusiasm for the school, updating the admissions committee on relevant accomplishments and experiences, and providing any necessary context for your candidacy.

First, share why Harvard remains your top choice and how you envision yourself thriving on campus. Focus on what aligns with your interests and academic goals, as well as the resources and opportunities unique to Harvard that will help you succeed. Be specific, but avoid cliche statements like wanting to attend for the prestige.

Second, update them on your recent accomplishments or any significant updates since applying. This could include improved grades, new awards, added extracurricular involvement, or relevant personal experiences. Remember to emphasize the impact and growth these experiences contributed to your development as a learner, leader, or an individual.

Finally, if your application previously had an unclear or weak area, use the LOCI as a chance to provide clarifying context that may have been missing. Just be cautious not to introduce excuses or be overly defensive.

In summary, a truly outstanding LOCI demonstrates your ongoing passion for Harvard, informs the admissions committee about significant updates to your candidacy, and offers clarity or context to solidify your position as a competitive applicant.

7 months ago

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