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Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship

Hello! I recently discovered the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship for women attending a liberal arts college, and it piqued my interest. Does anyone have experience applying for this or any advice on how to stand out in the application process?

7 months ago

Hello there! The Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship is indeed an incredible opportunity for women attending selective liberal arts colleges. While I don't have personal experience applying for it, I can offer some advice to help your application stand out.

First and foremost, focus on showcasing your academic achievements and commitment to liberal arts education. Additionally, emphasize your leadership skills, extracurricular activities, and any obstacles you've overcome. Make sure to illustrate how the scholarship will help you pursue your goals and contribute to the community at your chosen college.

Moreover, the scholarship committee values applicants with strong moral character and a deep sense of intellectual curiosity. Include examples of these qualities in your application essays or resume to make your candidacy more compelling.

Lastly, be authentic in your application and take advantage of your unique experiences and perspectives. This will help you connect with the reviewers and let your true personality shine through.

Best of luck with your application, and I hope this advice helps you stand out in the pool of applicants!

7 months ago

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