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Seeking advice on building a college list with HBCUs in North Carolina

Hey guys, junior here! I'm working on my college list and really want to include HBCUs in North Carolina. Can anyone share a map or list of HBCUs in NC or advise on how to find one?

I want to make sure I don't miss out on any good options as I plan my college tours!

7 months ago

Hello! Great choice on considering HBCUs in North Carolina for your college list. North Carolina is home to a good number of HBCUs, which can offer you a strong sense of community, academic support, and cultural experiences. Here's a list of HBCUs in North Carolina you can look into:

1. North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro)

2. Fayetteville State University (Fayetteville)

3. Winston-Salem State University (Winston-Salem)

4. North Carolina Central University (Durham)

5. Bennett College (Greensboro)

6. Elizabeth City State University (Elizabeth City)

7. Livingstone College (Salisbury)

8. Saint Augustine's University (Raleigh)

9. Shaw University (Raleigh)

10. Johnson C. Smith University (Charlotte)

To explore their locations and plan your college tours, you can use Google Maps or any other map service and look up each school's address. You can also visit CollegeVine, which has a school list builder tool and information about each college, including HBCUs in North Carolina. Hope this helps, and best of luck with your college search journey!

7 months ago

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