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What's the vibe at Southern University at New Orleans as an HBCU?

Hey, I'm thinking about applying to Southern University at New Orleans since it's an HBCU and I want that kind of college experience. Can anyone share what the campus life is like? Are there strong community ties or unique traditions that stand out?

7 months ago

Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) is known for its strong sense of community and unique traditions that make it an appealing HBCU. The campus is relatively small, which fosters a tight-knit student body and encourages strong relationships between students and faculty. One unique aspect of SUNO's campus life is their commitment to service, with many student organizations engaging in community projects and initiatives, including collaborations with local high schools and community centers.

In terms of traditions, SUNO celebrates annual events like Homecoming Week, which features various activities, competitions, and performances aimed at bringing the community together. Additionally, being located in New Orleans means students get to experience the rich cultural traditions of the city, such as Mardi Gras, jazz music, and the unique cuisine. Overall, studying at SUNO offers a supportive and engaging HBCU experience with plenty of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in campus life and the vibrant culture of New Orleans.

7 months ago

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