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What's it like playing football at an NAIA HBCU?

I'm thinking about playing football in college and have been looking at some NAIA HBCU options. Can anyone share their experiences or what the culture and support is like for student-athletes at these schools?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're considering playing football at an NAIA HBCU. While I personally haven't played football at one of these schools, I can offer some general insights based on what I've heard from others and researched.

It's well known that HBCU athletic programs often have tight-knit communities and provide a supportive environment for student-athletes. This extends to NAIA schools as well. The smaller size of NAIA institutions typically means that you may have closer relationships with your teammates, coaches, and the overall community on campus.

As for the support, expect there to be resources available such as academic assistance specifically for student-athletes, helping you balance the demands of sports and academics. Lastly, HBCU culture is unique and can offer a rich experience with a strong sense of heritage and pride, which may resonate with you particularly during campus events and game days.

I'd recommend reaching out to current or former student-athletes at the specific schools you're considering to get an even better understanding of what it's like to play football at an NAIA HBCU. Good luck!

7 months ago

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