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Examples of successful college essays

Hey everyone! I've been working on my college essays and I'm looking for some inspiration. Could anyone recommend some good websites or resources to find examples of successful college essays? I'd like to get a sense of what other students have done in the past to get accepted into top colleges.

7 months ago

Hi there! I totally understand looking for inspiration when working on your college essays. Here are some resources that you might find helpful in finding examples of successful college essays:

1. CollegeVine's Essay Guides: They provide a collection of essay breakdowns for various top colleges along with successful essay examples. Just go to their website and look for the 'Essay Guides' section.

2. The New York Times publishes an annual article featuring standout college essays. You can just search 'New York Times college essays' and you should be able to find their most recent essay collection.

3. Some college admissions blogs occasionally showcase successful essays, like those from Johns Hopkins University and Tufts University. You can find their blogs by searching for 'Johns Hopkins Essays That Worked' or 'Tufts Essays That Worked'.

Remember, while it's great to see successful essays for inspiration, it's important to maintain your own voice and uniqueness in your writing. I applaud you for looking for inspiration, but make sure you only use these examples to guide your writing and you don't copy them.

7 months ago

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