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Searching for free internships for high school students

Hey there! I'm a junior looking for internships to gain some experience and build my resume. Are there any free internships available specifically for high school students? Ideally, I'd prefer remote opportunities. Thanks for any suggestions!

7 months ago

Hey! It's awesome that you're seeking internships as a high school student. Internship opportunities, especially remote ones, can be competitive, but they're definitely out there. You can try the following approaches to search for internships:

1. Use job search platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Filter by internships, entry-level, and 'remote' or 'work from home' options.

2. Check out specialized websites for high school internships, like Internships.com and even CollegeVine's resources, which can be quite helpful for finding opportunities.

3. Networking is key, so don't hesitate to reach out to family, friends, or teachers who may be able to connect you with opportunities in your field of interest.

Keep in mind that while there might be more paid internship opportunities for college students, there are still many unpaid internships for high school students. Just read each internship posting carefully and do your research to ensure you're applying to the right opportunities. Good luck on your internship search!

7 months ago

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