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What's the diversity like at HBCUs?

I’m really big on diversity and I’m considering an HBCU. What kind of racial and ethnic diversity can I expect to find on campuses at these institutions?

7 months ago

It's understandable that you're interested in the diversity of the student body when looking at colleges. At Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), the diversity is typically different from what you might find at predominantly white institutions (PWIs). While HBCUs were originally established to serve the African-American community, many have become more diverse over time and now welcome students of all races and ethnicities.

However, the majority of students at HBCUs are still Black or African-American. You will find smaller percentages of Hispanic, Asian, White, and other ethnic student populations on campus. Additionally, international students from Africa, the Caribbean, and other regions contribute to the global diversity at these institutions.

It's also worth noting that HBCUs often have a rich diversity in terms of social, economic, and regional backgrounds, providing a breadth of perspectives within the student community. Visiting a campus, talking to current students, or attending a virtual information session can also help you get a sense of the community. Each HBCU has its unique cultural fabric, so I encourage you to explore individual campuses to find the environment that feels most vibrant and inclusive to you.

7 months ago

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