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Strategies for tackling hard SAT questions?

Hi guys! I find some SAT questions really difficult and feel unsure how to approach them. Are there any strategies or resources you'd recommend for tackling these challenging SAT questions?

7 months ago

Hi there! When it comes to tackling challenging SAT questions, it's important to develop a systematic approach. First, do a quick initial read-through of the question and its answer choices to identify what the test is asking. Then, take the time to carefully read the problem and identify any key details or phrases that might clue you in on how to solve it. Next, try to eliminate any answer choices that seem clearly incorrect. From there, if you still don't know the answer, use the process of elimination along with educated guesses and strategic reasoning to narrow down your options.

In terms of resources, check out CollegeVine's free resources for SAT prep, as well as Khan Academy, which offers personalized study plans and practice problems. Additionally, College Board has a variety of official SAT practice tests available for free on their website. Practice consistently, and don't be afraid to challenge yourself with difficult questions during your study sessions!

7 months ago

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