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Math for ACT vs SAT: How are they different?

Hey everyone! I'm considering taking the ACT or SAT and I'm curious about the math sections for both tests. Can anyone tell me the key differences between them? Are there any specific concepts or topics that are unique to each test? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

The math sections of the ACT and SAT do have some differences, both in content and format. First off, the ACT Math section covers a broader range of topics than the SAT. It includes more advanced concepts like trigonometry, logarithms, and matrices. The SAT, on the other hand, focuses more on algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

In addition, the SAT places greater emphasis on problem solving and real-life application of mathematical concepts, while the ACT is more focused on testing students' knowledge of math formulas and concepts. The ACT also allows the use of a calculator for all of its Math section, whereas the SAT has one calculator section and one no-calculator section.

Finally, the formats of the two math sections differ. The SAT has a total of 58 math questions (38 in the calculator section and 20 in the no-calculator section) with 80 minutes to complete them, while the ACT has 60 math questions that need to be completed in 60 minutes. This can make the pacing of the ACT Math section feel more rushed compared to the SAT. Ultimately, the choice between the two tests will depend on your strengths and preferences.

7 months ago

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