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How does being a National Merit Commended Scholar affect college applications?

So, I found out I'm a National Merit Commended Scholar! While I'm really excited, I'm not sure how this will impact my college applications—is it worth mentioning in my essays and will it increase my chances of getting into top schools?

7 months ago

Congratulations on becoming a National Merit Commended Scholar! It's an amazing accomplishment that reflects your hard work and academic abilities. You should definitely include it in the honors and awards section of your college applications, as admissions officers will recognize the value of this achievement.

While being a Commended Scholar may not be as advantageous as being a Semifinalist or Finalist in terms of college admissions, it still provides a positive impact on your application and sets you apart as a strong student. However, top schools usually look for a variety of factors and areas of excellence, so it's important to focus on extracurriculars, essays, and other aspects that showcase your passions and potential.

As for mentioning it in your essays, you may want to consider whether it's relevant to the essay prompt and your overall narrative. If you can tie it in organically to your story or your academic and personal growth, then go for it, but remember that college essays are an opportunity to showcase your unique experiences, perspectives, and identity beyond just your academic achievements.

7 months ago

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