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Personal statement of values

Hey everyone! I'm working on a personal statement for college, and I want to make sure I convey my values effectively. How can I incorporate my core values into my essay without sounding too preachy or generic? Any tips or suggestions?

7 months ago

Hey there! That's a great question. Incorporating your values into your essay doesn't have to sound preachy or generic. The key is to choose a personal and specific experience, situation, or anecdote that genuinely demonstrates your values. Rather than explicitly stating what your values are, try showing them through your actions, thoughts, and feelings in the context of your chosen story.

Keep your narrative focused and engaging by using vivid descriptions and emotional connections. Remember that this is your personal statement, so it should be a reflection of you and your unique perspective. Be true to your voice and authentic in expressing your values. By doing this, your essay will naturally stand out and resonate with the reader. Best of luck with your personal statement!

7 months ago

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