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A Modern Languages Degree: Pros and cons?

I'm considering a major in modern languages. What are some pros and cons to getting this degree? Also, any suggestions on what minors or related degrees may be beneficial to pair with it?

7 months ago

Hey there! A modern languages degree can be an excellent choice, opening up a world of opportunities. Let's discuss some pros and cons to help you weigh your decision:


1. Broadens career options: Proficiency in multiple languages can open doors across industries like international business, government, education, and travel.

2. Enhances cultural understanding: It allows you to engage with different cultures and gain new perspectives.

3. Improves communication skills: Learning several languages helps develop strong oral and written communication skills.


1. Specialization may limit opportunities in some fields: A degree in modern languages might not lead directly to specific job titles, so you may need to combine your skills with other qualifications or experiences to be competitive.

2. Continued practice for language maintenance: Being fluent in multiple languages requires ongoing practice, which may be time-consuming.

As for related degrees or minors, consider the fields you'd like to work in after graduation. Pairing your modern languages major with a minor in business or international relations could be advantageous for international business or diplomacy careers. Alternatively, minoring in education could be a great fit if you're interested in teaching languages. Ultimately, consider your career goals and what excites you when choosing complementary minors or related degrees. Good luck on your academic journey!

7 months ago

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