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Explaining 'need-blind admissions'

Hello! I've come across the term 'need-blind admissions' while researching colleges. Can someone explain what it means and how it differs from regular admissions? Would it be better to apply to need-blind or need-aware colleges? Your input would be much appreciated!

7 months ago

Hello! 'Need-blind admissions' is a policy practiced by some colleges, where they evaluate an applicant's qualifications and potential without considering the applicant's financial situation or need for financial aid. In other words, colleges don't use your family income, financial assets, or ability to pay as factors to determine if you get accepted or not. This policy can sometimes benefit students from lower-income backgrounds, as it ensures that their financial situation won't be a barrier to their acceptance.

On the contrary, 'need-aware' colleges may take the applicant's financial situation into account while making admissions decisions. Typically, this only holds true for a small portion of applicants, such as international students or waitlisted students.

It's difficult to say if it's better to apply to need-blind or need-aware colleges, as there are pros and cons to each. You should consider factors like overall college fit, academic rigor, available programs and opportunities, and campus culture, rather than solely focusing on need-blind or need-aware policies. Good luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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