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Northeastern letter of recommendation

I'm applying to Northeastern and I was wondering how many letters of recommendation they require? Also, should I ask teachers from specific subjects or can they be from any discipline?

7 months ago

Northeastern University typically requires two letters of recommendation for its undergraduate applications. These letters are mostly expected to come from teachers who taught you in core academic subjects, ideally from your junior or senior year. It's a good idea to choose teachers from different subject areas – for example, one from a STEM field and one from a humanities or social sciences field – as this can help present a more well-rounded picture of your academic abilities.

However, if you have a specific area of expertise or interest that aligns with your intended major, you might want to prioritize those teachers who can speak best to your passion and aptitude in that field. Ultimately, what's important is to ask teachers who know you well and can provide an in-depth and genuine assessment of your strengths and potential in college. Best of luck with your application process!

7 months ago

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