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Physics vs. Chemistry: Which one is easier?

Hi all! I have to choose between taking Physics and Chemistry next year, and I'm wondering which one is typically considered easier. If you've taken both, can you share your thoughts on the difficulty level and how you managed to succeed in these courses? I appreciate any advice!

7 months ago

Hey there! When it comes to deciding between Physics and Chemistry, the 'easier' option is really subjective and depends on your strengths and preferences. Some people find Physics easier because it involves mainly mathematical concepts and logic, while others prefer Chemistry due to its mix of concepts, memorization, and hands-on lab work.

Personally, I took both courses, and I thought Chemistry was easier, but again that could be due to the fact that I'm not as strong in math.

I'd recommend reflecting on your preferences and past experiences with science and math courses, and perhaps even talking to current students in those classes at your school to get a better idea of what the workload and content are like. Good luck with your decision, and remember that whatever you choose, putting in the effort and staying engaged will be key in your success!

7 months ago

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