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How to compare MSTP programs rankings?

I'm looking into MSTP (MD/PhD) programs for my future college goals. How do I find reliable rankings and comparisons between different MSTP programs? Any tips on what to look for when researching these programs?

7 months ago

Finding reliable rankings for MSTP programs can be a bit challenging, as the data might not be as readily available as it is for more common programs. If you still want to get a general idea, US News often publishes rankings for graduate schools and professional programs, which can provide a starting point for evaluating MD/PhD programs.

In addition to rankings, it's essential to consider other factors when researching MSTP programs. Here are a few things to look for:

1. Research opportunities: The variety and quality of research happening at the institution are crucial. Investigate their research facilities and browse through the types of projects their faculty and students are involved in.

2. Faculty support and mentorship: Look for schools that have strong mentorship programs or faculty members with research interests that align with yours. This will help you during your time in the program and influence your professional development.

3. Funding: Inquire about the financial support provided by the program. Most MSTP programs offer financial aid, but the specifics might vary between schools.

These elements should give you a more comprehensive view of the programs you’re considering. Good luck!

7 months ago

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