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Converting NGA to GPA?

Hi everyone! I'm in the process of applying to colleges and my school uses the NGA grading system. How can I convert my NGA to a GPA that colleges will understand and accept?

7 months ago

Hello! Converting your NGA to a GPA can sometimes be a bit challenging, as there isn't a standard method that applies to all situations. However, you can usually find conversion scales provided by your school or on your transcript that outline the conversion from your NGA to a GPA on a 4.0 scale. If you cannot find this information, I recommend reaching out to your school counselor or registrar for guidance on converting your grades.

Additionally, it's important to know that many colleges are well-versed in handling different grading systems. When you submit your application, they may either use their own conversion method or reach out to your school for clarification. As long as you include your school's grading scale or a note explaining your school's grading system in your application, colleges should be able to understand and evaluate your academic performance accordingly.

Best of luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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