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Does the Seal of Biliteracy count as a national award?

Hi everyone! I've been working towards the Seal of Biliteracy for my high school diploma and was wondering if it's considered a national award in the eyes of colleges. Is it something that can help me stand out in my college applications?

7 months ago

Hello! The Seal of Biliteracy is a great accomplishment, and it's recognized in the United States as an official endorsement added to students' high school diplomas. This indicates that you have demonstrated proficiency in two or more languages. However, the Seal of Biliteracy is not generally considered a 'national award,' as it's typically awarded at the state level by individual school districts.

Nonetheless, earning the Seal of Biliteracy can still help you stand out, especially if you're applying to colleges that value linguistic and cultural diversity. Showcase your bilingual skills by listing the Seal in the honors and awards section of your college applications. Additionally, you may discuss related experiences, such as cultural immersion or working on projects that focus on language education, in your college essays.

In terms of extracurricular tiers, the Seal of Biliteracy may be more closely aligned with Tier 3; it shows dedication and interest in language acquisition and global citizenship but might not have the same impact as a top-tier national award. Regardless of its classification, it's an impressive achievement to include on your application. Good luck!

7 months ago

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