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How beneficial is DECA for college applications?

Hey guys! I've been thinking about joining DECA at my school and I'm wondering if it's worth it in terms of boosting my college applications. Does anyone have any experience with DECA and its impact on college admissions?

7 months ago

Hi there! DECA can definitely be a valuable addition to your college applications, especially if you have a genuine interest in business, marketing, or entrepreneurship. Participation in DECA can showcase your dedication to learning and growing in these fields, which can be a plus on your applications.

The real impact of DECA on your college applications depends on how involved and successful you are within the organization. If you take on leadership roles, participate in regional or state conferences, and achieve awards or recognition, these accomplishments can hold more weight in the eyes of admissions officers. If you simply join without much involvement, it may not have as significant of an impact.

Ultimately, the key to making DECA stand out in your applications is to demonstrate your commitment, leadership, and achievements within the organization. Find ways to make a difference in your school's DECA chapter or share how the experience helped shape your interests and ambitions. Remember that it's always better to be deeply involved in a few extracurricular activities than to spread yourself too thin.

Good luck with DECA and your college applications!

7 months ago

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