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Any suggestions for math-related summer camps or programs?

Hey folks! So, I'm looking to spend my upcoming summer break working on my math skills and having some fun. Does anybody here have any suggestions for math-centered summer camps or programs? Ideally, it would be something catering to high school students and not too expensive. Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey! It's awesome that you want to improve your math skills and have fun during your summer break. There are several math-centered camps and programs that cater to high school students and are quite affordable.

One option is the MathPath program. This four-week residential camp is designed for middle school students who excel in math, but high school students are welcome to apply. It's a bit pricey but offers financial aid based on need.

Another great program to consider is AwesomeMath, an intensive three-week program that offers problem-solving courses for students who are passionate about math. They have both residential and online options available, so you can choose whichever suits you best.

Lastly, you could look into the Ross Mathematics Program, a six-week online program that focuses on number theory. The program has a strong emphasis on collaborative learning and individual exploration.

I hope this helps you find the right math-centered program for your summer break. Best of luck, and have a fun and productive summer!

7 months ago

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