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Recommended SAT vocabulary practice methods?

Hi everyone, I've noticed that my vocabulary sometimes lets me down on the SAT. What methods or resources have you found helpful in practicing and expanding your vocabulary for the test? I want to feel more confident going into the exam.

7 months ago

Hey there! I completely understand wanting to feel confident going into the SAT, and improving your vocabulary is a great way to do that. One method that many people find helpful is using flashcards, either physical or digital, to learn and review new words. You can find premade flashcard decks online from websites like Quizlet or Anki, or you can create your own using a list of SAT vocabulary words.

Another resource worth checking out is the CollegeVine blog. They have articles focused on SAT tips, including strategies for improving vocabulary. Additionally, 'The Critical Reader' by Erica L. Meltzer is a book that has helped many students improve their reading and vocabulary skills for the SAT. It has a dedicated section for vocabulary along with a list of important terms and exercises.

Lastly, I'd recommend reading more diverse and challenging material, like newspapers, academic articles, or classic literature. This can help you become familiar with the context in which certain words are used, making it easier to remember their meaning. Good luck, and I hope you find these methods useful in improving your SAT vocabulary!

7 months ago

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