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JFK essay contest advice?

Hey everyone, I'm considering entering the JFK essay contest. Has anyone here participated before? Any tips or advice on what made your essay stand out?

7 months ago

Here are a few tips to make your essay stand out:

1. Choose an original angle: Instead of reiterating well-known facts about JFK's life or political achievements, find a unique angle to explore. Look for lesser-known events or aspects of his life that resonate with you.

2. Connect your essay to current events: Demonstrating how JFK's ideas are still relevant today can make your essay more engaging and thought-provoking. Ensure to draw meaningful connections between your chosen topic and contemporary events.

3. Write with a strong voice: A well-crafted essay voice can make your writing more compelling. Be clear, concise, and let your passion for the topic shine through.

4. Revise and proofread: Don't underestimate the power of multiple revisions and thorough proofreading. Typos and grammatical errors can be distracting and detract from the overall quality of your essay.

Best of luck in the contest!

7 months ago

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