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Any suggestions for tackling the Michigan community essay?

Hi everyone! I'm working on college applications and I'm stuck on the University of Michigan essay about community. Could any of you give me some pointers on how to handle this topic? I want my essay to stand out but I'm not sure what they're looking for. Thanks for any tips you can give!

7 months ago

Hey there! When it comes to the University of Michigan community essay, the key is to showcase how you've been involved in communities in the past and how you plan to contribute to Michigan's campus community. Start by reflecting on your experiences in your school, hometown or any other communities you’ve been a part of. Choose a specific example from one of those communities where you played an integral role or had a meaningful impact.

Next, identify the qualities and actions that allowed you to make a difference in that community. Make sure to emphasize those qualities throughout your essay. Lastly, you'll want to discuss how you plan to bring those qualities as a student at the University of Michigan and what specific communities, clubs, or organizations you'd join on campus.

Focusing on these areas will make your essay stand out, as you’ll be demonstrating your understanding and commitment to community while expressing your enthusiasm for the University of Michigan. Good luck with your essay!

7 months ago

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