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Online Internships for High School Students?

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some online internships that are open to high school students. What are some reputable organizations or interesting fields I should look into? Please share your experiences if you've done an online internship in the past!

7 months ago

Hey! It's awesome that you're interested in online internships! There are definitely several opportunities available for high school students, especially with the shift toward remote work. Some fields to consider include technology, social media management, content creation, marketing, research, and nonprofit work.

Here are a few organizations worth checking out for online internships:

1. Girls Who Code: This organization specifically targets young women interested in tech and often offers internships for high school students.

2. DoSomething.org: This nonprofit focuses on social change initiatives, and they often have online internship opportunities for students interested in making a difference.

3. Local businesses and startups: Reach out to companies in your area that interest you and ask if they have any online internships available for students. They may appreciate your initiative and create a position for you if one does not already exist.

Remember to also check out resources like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, as they frequently post online internships for various fields. Best of luck in your search, and I hope you find an awesome online internship opportunity!

7 months ago

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