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How helpful is Naviance in college selection?

Hi peeps! My school is using Naviance for college selection and planning. Has anyone used it before? How helpful is it in guiding you through the college search process? Also, how effectively does it predict your chances of getting accepted into different schools? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! Naviance can be pretty useful in the college search process, especially when it comes to organizing your thoughts and keeping track of deadlines. It's nice for exploring different schools and their programs, so it's definitely worth trying it out as a starting point.

As for predicting your chances of getting accepted, it may not be as effective. Naviance does provide scattergrams which show acceptances and rejections for students at your school based on their GPA and test scores. However, these charts don't take into account other important factors, like your essays and extracurriculars. Just remember that while these scattergrams can give you a rough idea, they may not accurately represent your personal chances.

Make sure you combine Naviance with other resources, like CollegeVine’s chancing engine, which considers your overall profile when estimating your chances at over 1,500 colleges. No tool can predict admissions with 100% certainty, but it's always helpful to gather information from various sources. Good luck!

7 months ago

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