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Should I Consider Small Colleges?

Hi there! I've been considering what kind of colleges I should apply to, and I'm curious about smaller schools. Can anyone give me some insight into what they're like and if I should look into them? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're exploring different college options. Smaller colleges definitely have their own unique set of benefits, so here are a few things to consider:

Personal attention: With smaller class sizes, you're more likely to receive individual attention from professors, which can help foster strong mentorship experiences.

Tight-knit community: Small colleges often have close-knit communities, making it easier to form meaningful friendships and develop a strong network.

Opportunities for involvement: At a smaller school, you may be able to assume leadership roles and participate more actively in clubs or activities due to lower competition.

Focus on teaching: As opposed to large research universities, small colleges often prioritize teaching and undergraduate education.

Overall, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Make sure to visit a few small colleges if possible, and try to picture yourself thriving in the environment. To see which size school suits you best, it might help to also visit larger schools for comparison. Best of luck in your college search process!

7 months ago

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