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Is becoming a member of NSHSS worth it?

Hey everyone, I was invited to join the National Society of High School Scholars, or NSHSS, and I'm curious if it's worth the investment. Does being a member really make a difference in the college admissions process? Thanks for the input!

7 months ago

Hello! In terms of college admissions, joining NSHSS might not carry much weight. Colleges are usually more interested in your personal achievements, academic performance, and extracurricular involvement. While NSHSS can offer benefits like scholarship opportunities, networking, and resources for high-achieving students, it's not guaranteed to make a significant difference on your application to selective colleges.

Instead of focusing on joining NSHSS, I recommend investing more time in developing a particular passion or skill known as a 'spike.' Colleges often prefer students with a strong, highly-developed specialty. By showcasing genuine engagement and accomplishment in a specific area, you can increase your chances of being admitted.

That being said, if the benefits and opportunities provided by NSHSS seem valuable to you personally, it might still be worth considering. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and what you feel will contribute to your own growth and development.

7 months ago

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