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Where can I find SAT Reading practice resources?

Hey everyone! I need to work on the SAT Reading section, and I'm struggling to find high-quality practice resources. Can you suggest any websites or books for effective practice?

7 months ago

Hey there! I can definitely understand the need for good SAT Reading practice materials. There are a few resources that you might find helpful for improving your SAT Reading skills.

First, the official College Board website offers some free practice questions for the SAT Reading section. They also have entire practice tests which can be useful to gauge your overall performance. In addition, you might want to consider purchasing their 'Official SAT Study Guide' as it contains several practice tests, along with their explanations.

Another online resource worth checking out is Khan Academy. They have a partnership with the College Board and offer a wide range of SAT prep materials, including interactive practice questions and videos explaining each question type.

Finally, for books, Erica Meltzer's 'The Critical Reader' is highly recommended for SAT Reading. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of the different question types you'll encounter and offers targeted strategies for tackling them.

Remember that consistent practice is the key to improvement. Make sure to regularly work through these resources, review your mistakes, and implement the strategies to see a significant improvement in your SAT Reading score. Good luck!

7 months ago

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