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SAT 2400 to 1600 conversion?

Hey guys! I have a question about the SAT. I know the test changed a few years ago from a 2400 point scale to a 1600 point scale. How can I convert an old SAT score to the new scale, just for comparison's sake?

7 months ago

Hello! In order to convert an old SAT score (out of 2400) to the current SAT score (out of 1600), you'll mainly need to focus on the Math and Critical Reading sections of the old SAT, as those sections are the most similar to the current SAT's Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections.

First, take your Math and Critical Reading scores from the old SAT, ignoring the Writing section for now. Then, just add them together to get a total out of 1600. This should give you a decent approximation of what your score would look like under the new scale.

Keep in mind that this method isn't perfect, as there are some differences in the content and focus of the new SAT, such as how essay writing is separate on the new test, and the new test has a stronger emphasis on evidence-based reading. Nevertheless, this method provides a quick and easy way to roughly compare your score on the old scale to the new one. Good luck!

7 months ago

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