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SAT score requirements for nursing programs?

I'm interested in pursuing a nursing degree and want to know what SAT scores are typically required for various nursing programs. Does anyone know the ballpark range for competitive institutions?

7 months ago

While it's difficult to provide a definitive range of SAT scores for competitive nursing programs, as requirements can vary, I can give you a general idea. Typically, selective nursing programs at higher-ranked institutions might look for SAT scores around the 1300-1400 range, with 700+ in both the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and the Math section. However, this varies from school to school.

Remember, many schools have adopted test-optional policies in recent years, which means that your SAT scores are not the only factor determining your admission. Your course rigor, GPA, extracurricular activities, and personal essays are also crucial in showcasing your strengths as a nursing applicant.

To get a better sense of the SAT requirements for specific nursing programs, you can research their admissions profile or even reach out to their admissions officers. Additionally, the CollegeVine Chancing Engine (https://www.collegevine.com/admissions-calculator) can help you estimate your chances of acceptance at a wide variety of colleges based on your individual information.

7 months ago

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