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High School Science Class Recommendations

Hey y'all! Next year, I'm planning to take another science elective but I'm kinda unsure what to choose. What science classes do you recommend taking in high school, and why? Also, is it better to take more advanced science courses like APs or stick to the regular ones? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

Hey there! Deciding which science elective to take can be both exciting and confusing. As you think through your options, consider your interests and future goals. If you enjoy a particular subject or see yourself pursuing a career in a science-related field, taking an advanced or AP course in that subject can be beneficial. APs can also give you a head start on college credits and demonstrate your aptitude in that subject to college admissions teams.

For example, if you're drawn to biology and medicine, taking AP Biology may be a great choice. AP Physics might be better suited if you're interested in engineering or physical sciences. AP Chemistry is a solid pick if you're fascinated by chemical reactions and their applications. You can even explore earth science or environmental science courses if you're passionate about the planet and climate change.

Keep in mind that it's important to maintain a balanced workload as well. You should only take advanced courses in subjects you genuinely enjoy and feel confident about. It's better to excel in regular classes than to struggle with an overly challenging curriculum.

Feel free to reach out to your school counselor or science teachers for additional insights as they may be more familiar with the specific courses your school offers and can provide personalized recommendations for you. Good luck in choosing your next science elective!

7 months ago

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