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Ideas for popular clubs to start at my school?

So, I was thinking about starting a new club at my high school, but I need some inspiration. What are some popular clubs that you guys have enjoyed and think others might be interested in? Thanks for your suggestions!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're interested in starting a club at your high school. There are many options for popular club ideas that could appeal to a variety of interests. Below are a few suggestions you might consider:

1. Robotics Club: With a growing interest in technology and STEM careers, a robotics club can attract students with an enthusiasm for engineering, programming, and collaborative learning.

2. Language or Culture Club: This type of club can be both educational and fun, bringing together classmates who share a common language/culture or who want to learn more about one.

3. Debate or Model United Nations Club: These clubs can promote critical thinking, public speaking, and engagement with current events or global issues.

4. Environmental Club: An eco-friendly club can draw in students passionate about sustainability and making a difference in their community.

5. Film or Book Club: For students who love movies or reading, this type of club can offer a chance to discuss and analyze different works together.

Remember that the best clubs often come from personal passion, so consider what you're truly excited about and build a club around that interest. Good luck!

7 months ago

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