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Predicting PSAT National Merit Cutoff for 2024 applicants

Hey there! I've been searching for information about the predicted PSAT National Merit Cutoff for my year. I'm a junior and will be applying to colleges in 2024. Does anyone have any insights on what the cutoff might be for my year or where I can find updated information?

7 months ago

Hey! PSAT National Merit Cutoffs tend to fluctuate each year, so predicting the exact cutoff for your year might be a bit difficult. However, you can get a general idea by looking at trends from recent years. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation typically releases cutoffs by state in September of the following year. Each year's data can offer you a rough estimate of what the cutoffs might be for your year.

For updated information, you can check the National Merit Scholarship Corporation's official website, but keep in mind that they usually publish the information after results are announced. In the meantime, resources like CollegeVine may provide discussions and insights on predictions for the upcoming cutoffs.

Remember that while National Merit Scholarships are a great recognition to aim for, there are many other scholarships and ways to stand out in your college applications. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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