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AP CSA Exam—Can you use a calculator?

When taking the AP Computer Science A exam, are you allowed to use a calculator? If so, what kind is recommended (scientific, graphing, etc.)? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! On the AP Computer Science A exam, using a calculator is not permitted. That's fine though, as you won't need any calculator! The exam doesn't involve heavy math calculations like some other AP exams. The focus of the test is more on understanding programming concepts and logic.

You'll be working with Java programming language and will need to answer multiple-choice questions as well as Free Response Questions (FRQs) on topics such as object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms. So, it's best to concentrate more on practicing programming skills and problem solving.

Make sure to review the official College Board guidelines and resources for AP CSA and familiarize yourself with the Java syntax, as well as doing some practice exams and questions. Good luck with your preparation and I hope you do well on the exam!

7 months ago

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