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AP French Exam Format

Bonjour à tous! I'm taking the AP French exam this year and I'm a little bit stressed about it. Can anyone give me a quick breakdown of the exam format? It would be super helpful to know what to expect. Merci beaucoup!

7 months ago

Salut! No worries, I can definitely help you understand the AP French exam format. This exam has two main sections, each worth 50% of your overall score. The first section tests your listening and reading comprehension, while the second section assesses your writing and speaking skills.

Section 1 has multiple-choice questions with a subsection for listening comprehension and a subsection for reading comprehension. In the listening subsection, you'll be exposed to dialogues and narratives, while the reading part consists of various texts like news articles and literary excerpts.

Section 2 is the free-response section, which consists of four tasks: a persuasive essay, an email, a conversation task, and a cultural comparison presentation. The persuasive essay requires you to present your point of view and support it with relevant information. The email task involves responding to a prompt, and the conversation and cultural comparison tasks test your oral skills and cultural understanding.

I hope this gives you a general idea of what to expect on the AP French exam. Good luck, and bon courage! :)

7 months ago

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