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MIT or Harvard: Which one should I choose?

I'm struggling to decide between applying to MIT and Harvard early action. How can I figure out what's the best fit for me? Is there anything unique I should consider in terms of academics or campus life?

7 months ago

Firstly, congratulations on considering two exceptional universities! When it comes to deciding between MIT and Harvard, think about what your primary academic interests and personal goals are.

MIT is renowned for its STEM programs and highly technical education. If you're passionate about fields like engineering, computer science, or scientific research, MIT may be more suitable for you. The academic environment is typically competitive and mission-driven.

Harvard, on the other hand, is known for offering a broader range of academic disciplines, including liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences. The school's flexible General Education curriculum lets you explore different fields of study while fulfilling degree requirements. Harvard’s campus life is driven by a strong sense of community and extracurricular involvement.

Both universities participate in joint programs and cross-registration, meaning you can still access resources and courses at the other school. Ultimately, consider which academic environment and campus culture resonate more with you. Visiting both campuses (in-person or virtually) and talking to current students can provide more insight. Good luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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