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AP Economics vs. Government

I'm struggling to decide between taking AP Economics and AP Government next year. Can anybody who's been in either or both of these classes share some insights about the workload, difficulty, and overall experience? Would really appreciate it!

7 months ago

Hey! I can definitely share some insights about the differences between AP Economics and AP Government. In terms of workload, both classes require a fair amount of reading and assignments, but AP Economics might be a bit more challenging if you're completely new to the subject.

Keep in mind that AP Economics actually consists of two separate courses: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Some schools might offer each course individually or as a combined class. Make sure to find out your school's approach. On the other hand, AP Government focuses on learning how the U.S. political system operates, and many students find it engaging and less challenging.

Ultimately, you should consider your interests and future goals when making a decision. AP Economics deals with how markets function, while AP Government sheds light on political systems and policies. Think about which subject resonates more with you and whether either of them might be relevant to your potential college major and career path. Good luck!

7 months ago

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