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NYC high school internships?

Yo, fellow high schoolers! I'm currently living in NYC and I'm looking for some internships that I could do during the school year or summer. Any ideas on where to find these opportunities or certain internships that you'd personally recommend? Thanks a lot!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're looking into internships in NYC. There are so many opportunities available, and getting some hands-on experience can make a big difference in your college applications and future career. Here are a few resources and specific internships in the city that you might want to check out:

1. Internships.com: This website has a search engine specifically for internships in various industries and locations, including NYC. You can filter by field of interest, which is great for narrowing down your options.

2. Idealist.org: Idealist is another website that lists internships, focusing mainly on those related to non-profit organizations and social good. They often have some unique opportunities available.

3. New York City Department of Education's (NYCDOE) Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP): The SYEP offers paid summer internships for young people in various fields. You can learn more about it and apply on their website.

4. CollegeVine: This website is constantly compiling lists of internships in various places and times. Check out NYC internships here: https://blog.collegevine.com/best-high-school-internships-in-nyc

Remember to check with your school's guidance counselor too, as they may have additional resources and connections. Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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