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AP Lit Essay Example: How high-scoring essays are typically written?

Hey y'all, I'm taking AP Lit this year and I'm a bit nervous about the essays. I'm wondering if any of you could share some solid AP Lit essay examples or resources where I can read examples of high-scoring essays, so I can get a feel of what they look like. Thanks so much!

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're taking AP Lit and looking for ways to improve your essay writing skills. One resource where you can find a variety of high-scoring AP Lit essay examples is the College Board website. They have a collection of past exam essays that received top scores, along with the scoring guidelines which should give you a clearer idea on what elements make up a strong essay.

Another helpful resource is CollegeVine, which offers essay guides, peer essay review, and an essay prompt database, where you can find tips and ideas to write effective essays.

Check out these articles about writing the AP Lit Prose and Poetry essays, respectively:



Finally, consider discussing with your AP Lit teacher or classmates. They might be able to share their own essay-writing strategies or essay examples that have been successful.

Best of luck to you in your AP Lit journey!

7 months ago

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