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Advice on Extracurricular Activities?

Hi there! I'm looking to expand my involvement in extracurricular activities at my school. What are some of the more unique or useful clubs or activities you guys have been a part of during high school that have had an impact on you?

7 months ago

Hi! It's awesome that you're seeking ways to expand your extracurricular involvement at school. Participating in a variety of activities can help you grow as a person, develop new skills, and discover new passions. Here are some unique and impactful clubs or activities that you might consider:

1. Robotics Club: This can be a great way to develop teamwork, problem-solving, and hands-on engineering skills. Plus, it's always exciting to bring robots to life through design and programming.

2. Environmental Club: Being a part of this club can help you raise awareness on environmental issues and make a positive change by organizing initiatives like recycling programs, cleanups, or tree-planting events.

3. Debate Team: Joining a debate team can improve your public speaking, critical thinking, and persuasive communication skills. Additionally, it's an interesting way to explore and discuss complex issues or topics.

4. School Newspaper/Journalism Club: Writing for your school newspaper can enhance your writing, research, and editing abilities. It can also give you an opportunity to explore your interests and learn more about what's happening in your school and the world.

5. Community Service Club: Participating in community service not only impacts the lives of others but can also be a valuable learning experience and a great way to develop leadership abilities.

Remember, it's important to choose activities that genuinely interest you, so you can fully engage and develop a strong commitment. Good luck!

7 months ago

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